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Our company is empowered with services of ambitious, qualified and hardworking team of technocrats and engineers. They collectively aim at achieving higher goals, with their consistently growing performance.

Our professional team is engaged in making full benefit of the  advanced software's being provided to them. They are skilled and can handle all the technicalities with great ease. Our team of skilled professionals work on further developing enhanced prototype of the curriculum for delivering maximum performance.



The following business flow diagram depicts the Red Apple project life cycle functioning.

(1) This first phase, Requirements Definition, is the most critical phase of the project. Red Apple approaches the project with a clear understanding of the objectives, and drives towards expected results. The preparation of the project’s initial requirement definition, programming specifications and testing recommendations two resources: A) Technical Architect B) QA Business Systems Analysis (Client advocate). The Red Apple Project Life Cycle Methodology approach utilizes the QA resources for both the requirements definition phase and the QA testing phase.

(2) Red Apple provides detailed Technical Designs document, RAD documents, the prototyping results and the Programming Specifications are handed to the Programming Team. The Programming Team, utilizing the design documents and appropriate industry coding standards, constructs the project’s automated solution (Project product and/or service objective).

(3) The Requirements Definition, Detailed Technical design, and Testing recommendations are now used by the Business Analysis resources (coming from their Design Team responsibilities to the QA Team) to prepare the test environment, test cases and test data. The test scenarios prepared by the QA Team will be at the business function level.

(4) The Programming Team will code and prepare test cases for technical testing (Unit and Integrated tests) of their program modules. The Red Apple QA Team will execute all testing scenarios, identifying and documenting all errors. All QA tested modules will be prepared for delivery to the client. A QA Team member in some cases will implement or assist in implementing and performing the delivery of the project deliverables to the client.


(5) The testing errors identified in QA testing will be assembled and sent back to programming, identifying failed functional areas. Programming will correct all errors identified and resubmit a new program groups to QA for testing using the version control process.

(6) All IT Team members are required to produce weekly status reports to management. The Project management will produce a weekly Project status report and present to Red Apple management and the client.

(7) QA tested project deliverables will be delivered to the client according to the project schedule and delivery specifications. In some cases QA personnel will accompany the delivery to implement or assist in implementation of the deliverables. If any issues are identified during implementation or acceptance testing, the client will document the specific problems; using an Red Apple Change Order documents and returns the documents to the Red Apple Project Management. Change Orders will be tracked just as Tasks and Issues are, using the Red Apple issue tracking system.

(8) The problems identified during implementation and deliverable acceptance will be documented on Red Apple Change Order forms and submitted to Red Apple Project Management for review and entry in the Tasks and Issues Tracking System. The requests will be processed by the project Team and a new or corrected deliverable will be processed for delivery to the client. Outstanding Change Orders and internal testing Issues will be corrected and incorporated into new version releases to the client.

(9) Over the course of the project, the Red Apple project management team will schedule periodic visits with the client’s project management to present project status and to identify any outstanding issues and present previously identified issue resolutions.


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