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Our company is empowered with services of ambitious, qualified and hardworking team of technocrats and engineers. They collectively aim at achieving higher goals, with their consistently growing performance.

Our professional team is engaged in making full benefit of the  advanced software's being provided to them. They are skilled and can handle all the technicalities with great ease. Our team of skilled professionals work on further developing enhanced prototype of the curriculum for delivering maximum performance.



RED APPLE-THE NO.1 Choice of the New Generation!
The World is going the Hardware & Networking Way. Today, every industry is making increasing use of IT and computer networks. Hardware &Networking Professionals are a critical part of any organization. In fact, they are the nucleus from where business branches out.
Be it government organizations, banks, Insurance companies, IT companies or call centers, Hardware and Networking engineers are the life line of an organization. Today , they are increasingly in demand, in every segment of industry. According to a recent survey, there will be 12 lakh jobs available for Hardware and Networking engineers in the next 5 years. And you could land one of them! Join Red Apple – the leader in Hardware and networking, and open the doors to a great career opportunity.

 RED APPLE Students have been successfully Placed at , WIPRO , MICROSOFT, HP , HCL , DELL , ACS Technologies , MICRO CARE

Facts about Hardware & Netwoking !!
With the rapid growth in the technology and telecommunications industry, the demand for skilled professionals who can maintain information systems and develop effective and efficient procedures is growing rapidly. Careers in network management involve troubleshooting network issues, working with internet protocol technologies, analyzing security measures, implementing new technologies, and modifying the end user experience for increased efficiency. Planning, controlling, and executing projects successfully is a skill that requires in-depth training and study in the field. Implementing security measures and configuring networks for optimization are additional areas that a network management engineer may choose to specialize in. Computer networking training is available at a computer networking school or formal training program, with continuing education opportunities with a network security degree, network management degree, or computer networking degree.

Network management is the set of procedures and processes used to maintain and coordinate computer and telecommunications networks. A network management engineer or other project manager may be involved with a variety of tasks that help to configure, maintain and optimize the standard processes of each network. They are also involved with monitoring resources and ensuring that each area is running efficiently and effectively. Network administrators and computer systems coordinators are involved with both small- and large-scale projects involving:


  • Local Area Network (LAN) support and maintenance
  • Wide-Area Network (WAN) administration
  • Network segments
  • Internet maintenance
  • Intranet system support and management
  • Network security

Studying network management allows students to learn the basic functions of computers and communications, giving them essential skills to plan, coordinate, and execute various security measures and procedures. Network management courses also make use of the principles of fiber optic networks, routers, and other information technologies to build and maintain servers and databases. Network management specialists can work in a variety of attractive positions and may also choose to specialize in their field. Common specializations include networks such as UNIX, web servers, and computer repair.

Becoming a network management engineer is only one option after attending networking school. Other career opportunities in the field include:

Networking Specialists

Network Management Supervisors

Project Manager

Telecommunications Agent

Computer Networking Support Specialist

Network Administrator

Network Systems Analysts

Computer Scientists

Computer Software Engineers

Computer hardware training is sought after these days for the opportunities it offers. The wide ambit offers a lot of new opportunities to computer hardware engineers. With the daily increase in sales of computer desktops, laptops, printers, UPSs and so on, there is an increasing demand for hardware professionals. With increasing failure rate, the hardware training course attracts handsome Job Opportunity with equally wonderful payment package. Each hardware engineer can grow hi career in high paying manufacturing units which will not only enhance his experience as an engineer but also a much needed exposure. Learn more about computer hardware training with us.

Article in Economics Time
On the back of increasing demand of consumer electronics, sales of hardware in the country is poised to touch 360 billion dollar mark by 2015, industry body PHD Chamber said.
These would include units brought through imports and those produced domestically, it said in a statement.

"Electronics hardware consumption in the country, which is growing at 30 per cent will be one of the fastest growing segments in the country, creating large scale employment opportunities," chamber's President L K Malhotra said.

The production of electronics hardware, which includes strategic electronics, consumer electronics, computers, communication and broadcasting equipment, is around 16 billion dollars at present, less than one per cent of the world output, the release added.

"Our efforts should be to take the domestic production of electronics hardware to 150 billion dollars by 2015 and to increase the global share to five per cent," Malhotra added.

India has to focus on two areas -- micro-chips and nano technology, the trade body said.

The country can also be developed as a hub for repairing electronics hardware, it added.


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