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To give unlimited opportunities

Our company is empowered with services of ambitious, qualified and hardworking team of technocrats and engineers. They collectively aim at achieving higher goals, with their consistently growing performance.

Our professional team is engaged in making full benefit of the  advanced software's being provided to them. They are skilled and can handle all the technicalities with great ease. Our team of skilled professionals work on further developing enhanced prototype of the curriculum for delivering maximum performance.


Red Apple has pioneered the growth of IT and Hardware and Networking training in India. Keeping focus, growth and competition in perspective, Red Apple has been able to set standards across its offices by adopting practices based on quality, commitment, and the zeal to make success a habit. Since its inception in the year 1998, Red Apple has gradually worked towards becoming one of the top most players in the market today. With its rich experience in the IT training services sector, it has been able to set high global practices that drives it to building relationships with all those associated with it. Its customer relationship practices have earned Red Apple good reputation and have enabled it to foray into other related areas thereby giving it scope to expand its customer base.

Red Apple's success factor is attributed to the strong management and workforce teams that work towards making Red Apple the best in the industry. Adopting highly professional work practices and ethics and creating an environment that is conducive for continual learning and growth has always been Red Apple's priority. To keep pace with the ever growing competition and to strengthen its Research and Development initiatives, Red Apple has set up strong, result-oriented and competent expert teams each of which strive towards enhancing Red Apple's profit ratios and establish Red Apple as a very important player in the IT training markets. These core expert teams offer learning solutions and services in all IMS areas all across the globe. The core expert teams are

Individual Learning Solutions

Academic Learning Solutions

Enterprise Learning Solutions

Global Learning Solutions

Learning and Development

Red Apple’s foray into the Hardware Management Services (HMS) sector has been widely appreciated and accepted by the industry at large. By providing more opportunities for growth, Red Apple helps students acquire skills that would help them fetch a job that matches the skills learnt in the HMS sector. Red Apple’s HMS training services include a variety of programs that are designed exclusively for our customers. With an army of expert trainers, state-of-art infrastructure, and with enough knowledge databases on HMS, Red Apple has been able to deliver the best of HMS to its customers. Some of the HMS technologies on which trainings are offered are desktop management, server management, VPN, storage management, network and database management.

It is this characteristic of quality, commitment and the zeal to excel that makes Red Apple an undisputed leader in the HMS sector.

Red Apple

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